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Wireless Solutions for Business 

Airwave Radio Inc. has been continually involved in the communications and electronics field since 1989 and previously, as Texas Communications Company, since 1967.

Our customers benefit from our exceptional knowledge and customer service.

We provide customized electronic solutions, including two-way radio, industrial remote control, and consulting services.

Airwave Radio is committed to the highest quality service. Technical staff are experienced and trained to provide results that exceed expectations.

Our specialty is solving communication problems for public safety, utilities, transportation and general business.

We are available to consult with you  for any communications need or issue you may have.


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Unity Mobile Unity Portable C3 Maestro Console


Migrate From Analog to Digital Radio

There are many advantages of digital vs. analog, greater communications range, clarity, encryption, battery life and more.

 Contact us to learn about the benefits to your communications system.


Airwave Radio Inc. Mission Statement

Continue to provide value to customers by being a capable, innovative and reliable asset for their communications technology needs .

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